Jeremy Statton

Living Better Stories

Full Circle

You will never guess the reason I first started writing. I had been going through what I felt at the time was a gut wrenching, demoralizing personal religious experience. I was discovering that not everything I had been told or believed to be true, was in fact true. It felt like my world was falling […]

The Hardest Part of Every Journey

Every summer countless families plan a big road trip. Some go to the beach. Some go to Disney World. Some head out west. Some plan to spend a week or so with family. Whatever the reason, the trip is always exciting. The morning of departure, there is always excitment in the air. Everybody wants to go. Everybody […]

How to Become Exceptional

Is your story good? Or is it exceptional? This is the type of question Ed Catmull, one of the founders of Pixar, asks in his book titled Creativity, Inc. (affiliate link). The book is part memoir telling the stories behind one of the most creative companies of our time. But the book is also part challenge to become […]

5 Lessons on Developing Better Habits

I never thought it was possible. I didn’t think I had it in me. But several years ago I started not only to eat, but to like eating vegetables. Changing habits is hard. I was used to eating foods that were high in calories. And my waistline was beginning to show it. I knew something […]

The Uncertainty of Change

This is a guest post from my favorite guitar-junkie and chocolate chip cookie afficionado, Jim Woods. Jim recently quit his “normal” life to pursue his dreams. He gave up life in the Music City and now lives in a cornfield in Ohio. Today he is releasing a new eBook he co-authored with Erik Fisher titled Hit […]

How to Stop Bad Habits

Three years ago I noticed I was starting to gain weight. My pants were tighter. I looked different in pictures. I was scared to death to step on the bathroom scale , a clear sign that I knew I had a problem. If I had told anyone I was concerned about my weight, they would […]

Love is the Narrow Path

There is a path that is narrow. The sides are covered with thorn bushes whose branches reach out across like hands trying to grab you all who attempt to pass. The skin of arms and legs scratched in warning of where the path may lead. The path itself is uneven, scattered with rocks and stones and tree […]

How the Destination Helps You to Choose the Path

It is a subject most of try to avoid. You rarely purposefully think about it.  You often dodge the topic when it comes up in conversation. Or if you happen to read something about it you quickly move on. You would prefer that it be something you never have to consider. While it a subject that you […]

The Best Way to Learn How to Live a Better Story

“How many shirts did you pack?” “Two.” “Is that enough?” I asked. “Yes,” my said son. “Okay,” I said. “Do you need anything else? Did you forget anything?” “I got it, Dad,” he said. “Okay. Have a good trip.” Learning through Experience A week ago Sunday I dropped my son off at the church where […]

The First Step in Finding Truth

Who is searching for the truth? To some degree or another, all of us. Perhaps there are some who don’t care. Perhaps there are a limited few who think that truth doesn’t matter. But the majority of us want to discover and to know truth. We want truth to help us choose what purpose to […]