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More Than You Can Handle

photo by Alessandro Pautasso (creative commons license)

Like the baby bear in The Story of the Three Bears, most are looking for just right. Not too hot. Not too cold. Not too hard. Not too soft. You want to find a place in life in which everything is comfortable. But how do you ever learning something new? How will you grow? Runners train their bodies [...]

5 Ways Adoption Forced My Life to Change

The moment we first met our son. An experience I would not trade for anything.

The greatest obstacle I had to adoption was fear of how my life would change. I was afraid everything would be more difficult. I was afraid I would have less opportunity to do the things I wanted. I was afraid of what I would need to start doing. And you know what? My fears came [...]

What a Hug Can Do

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The weekend before last, I hugged a complete stranger. The weird part was that it wasn’t weird at all. Perhaps hugging someone you don’t know isn’t that unusual for you, but I’m not much of a hugger. I’m not into touching other people. Not even people I know. All day long at work, I touch [...]

Love is Cleaning up the Mess

photo by Lotus Carroll creative commons license)

Children are experts in destruction. Whatever the liquid is, they will spill it. No matter how child-proof the container is, they will open it. No matter where you try to hide the toy,  they will find it and get it out and play with it. Especially the ones that makes noises. No matter how many napkins [...]

The Glorious Ordinary

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Not all occupations are created equal. Just ask any mom. They wipe snotty noses. They make lunches, spreading peanut butter and jelly before anybody else is even out of bed. They scrub jeans covered in grass stains. They cut coupons and count pennies, making a budget stretch faurther. They attend soccer games early Saturday morning, [...]

Color with a Broken Set of Crayons

Photo by Stephane Deschamp (Creative Commons)

The only good part about the first day of school was the new box of crayons. It was amazing to open up a brand new box. Each crayon was perfect. The tip was sharp. The wrapper in place. And usually, none of were broken. It didn’t take long for the brand new box of crayons to [...]

The Fear of the Unknown

photo by Kevin Conor Keller (creative commons license)

As an orthopedic surgeon I treat pain. Actually I try to diagnosis and treat the many causes of musculoskeletal pain. But every person who comes to see me is there because something hurts. A common cause of the pain I treat is osteoarthritis of the knee. With time, with injuries, with abuse, joints wear out. [...]

What Will You do When You Fall Down?

photo by Anthony DeLorenzo (creative commons license)

At some point you are going to let others down. You will disappoint. You will fall short of the mark you strive for. You will not live up to your own expectations. You will not love others as you hope. You will live a different story than what you want to live. You will judge. [...]

When Our Dreams Changed

Our Dream Home

Eight years ago my wife and I did something most hope for but few get to do. We moved into our dream home. Our dream home is built of logs and nestled on 5 wooded acres. It is beautiful and quiet. We designed the house together. We searched through blueprints on the internet. We visited models. And then using [...]

How You Can Change the World

Recently at the Festival of Faith and Writing, I attended an interview of Anne Lamott. One of the questions asked of her was one I often ask my myself. How do you get people to change? How do you change your environment? How do you change a culture, specifically one that is self-centered and judgmental? How do [...]