Jeremy Statton

Living Better Stories

The First Whisper

photo by photophilde (Creative Commons license)

I. I made the same right turn I do every day. And then down the small hill and another right turn. It is a path the car knows well. Meandering down the gravel driveway, I could hear what remained of the ice crunching underneath the tires. The sounds of confession. The ice would not be [...]

Have you Ever Felt Stretched?

Two weeks ago I woke up at 3am one morning with pain. Eventually the pain died down but I wasn’t able to go back to sleep. Then the next morning the pain came back. And it was even more intense. I tried to ignore it, but this pain was talking. As I drove to work [...]

The Day of No Tomorrow

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Even if you have never seen Schindler’s List, you know how the story goes. Nazi Germany takes over Europe. Jews are detained and placed in camps. Forced to labor. Starved. Executed. Within the larger, devastating story lives a smaller one. A better story. A story that shines like a beacon of hope in one of the [...]

An Important Question to Ask

photo by Green Alliance (Creative Commons)

Several weeks ago two men faced off to try to answer a question. The question related to the beginning of everything. The snow. The trees. The dirt. Clouds and rain. Coffee and chocolate. Ladybugs and lions. You and me. I avoid controversies and hot topics. I never find such things encouraging. They never help me [...]

Living a Fairy Tale

photo by Bert Kaufmann

Everyone knows the ingredients to a fairy tale life. The perfect marriage. Beautiful children. Encouraging friends. Financial security. One couple didn’t stop with the basics. They decided to include the castle. A Place to Call Their Own After a tour of ancient Europe in 1968, Rex and Caroline Martin developed a new plan when they arrived home. [...]

You Are Not…

photo by Thomas Leuthard

You are not your job. You are not the money you make. Or the money you don’t have. You are not the khaki pants and white shirt they make you wear every day. You are not the new clothes you put on today. You are not the house you live in or the car you drive. [...]

20 Ways You Can Be Like Everybody Else

photo by JD Hancock (Creative Commons)

As a surgeon, I am asked one question more than any other. Sometimes I get asked “how many of these surgeries have you done?” Some ask how quickly they can go back to work. Others ask to be off a really long time. Sometimes I am asked for a magic pill that would make all [...]

What is Getting in Your Way?

photo by Gisela Giardino

You aren’t where you want to be because something has prevented you from it. You aren’t who you want to become because every time you try something gets in your way. You don’t do the things you want to do and you do things you don’t want because there is some obstacle you can’t overcome. [...]

Permission to not Live a Perfect Story

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My story is a complete mess. I never intended to have seven kids, but things happened. We opened our eyes and we couldn’t say no. We said yes even though we didn’t know how to do it. We said yes even though we weren’t ready enough. And things are so out of control, my imperfections [...]

More Than You Think You Can

photo by Cesar Viteri Ramirez

At some point you have been told you can do whatever you set your mind to. Maybe it was a high school guidance counselor. Maybe your parents. Maybe a youth pastor. Maybe a coach. Or maybe by a motivational speaker that you only agreed to listen to because a friend goaded you into it or [...]