Jeremy Statton

Living Better Stories

Brokenness Helps us to See Beauty

Part I Why do so many bad things happen in life? Why do people get hurt? Why is there poverty? Why is there hunger? Why is there disease? Why do we experience loss? Why do relationships get damaged and eventually destroyed? Why do we choose to hurt each other? Why do some kids have to […]

Swimming in the Deep End

The Deep End A friend is in China right now adopting her son. As she made final preparations to leave, she sent me an email telling me a little bit about the challenges she was experiencing. Specifically someone important to her felt like she was making a mistake. My friend is single. She is a doctor. She […]

An Example of Courage

I’ve driven by the building countless times. I hardly notice the size anymore. But to Sean, it was overwhelming. We parked and stepped out of the car. He was a step behind as Noah and I walked to the front door. Other kids were already being dropped off and walking toward the same entrance. They […]

Read the Fine Print

That shirt will look good on you. That car will be fun to drive and make you happier. You can afford the low interest plan. Eventually he will change and become a better person. You will have the time of your life. Everybody else is doing it. Those donuts will taste so good. Doing it […]

5 Elements of a Good 10 Year Plan

There are a few guarantees in life. The typical examples are death and taxes. I have one more for you. The next 10 years will pass quickly. Ten years seems like a really long time. It is hard to even imagine what life will be like then. What will you be doing? Where will you […]

More Than You Can Handle

Like the baby bear in The Story of the Three Bears, most are looking for just right. Not too hot. Not too cold. Not too hard. Not too soft. You want to find a place in life in which everything is comfortable. But how do you ever learning something new? How will you grow? Runners train their bodies […]

5 Ways Adoption Forced My Life to Change

The greatest obstacle I had to adoption was fear of how my life would change. I was afraid everything would be more difficult. I was afraid I would have less opportunity to do the things I wanted. I was afraid of what I would need to start doing. And you know what? My fears came […]

What a Hug Can Do

The weekend before last, I hugged a complete stranger. The weird part was that it wasn’t weird at all. Perhaps hugging someone you don’t know isn’t that unusual for you, but I’m not much of a hugger. I’m not into touching other people. Not even people I know. All day long at work, I touch […]

Love is Cleaning up the Mess

Children are experts in destruction. Whatever the liquid is, they will spill it. No matter how child-proof the container is, they will open it. No matter where you try to hide the toy,  they will find it and get it out and play with it. Especially the ones that makes noises. No matter how many napkins […]

The Glorious Ordinary

Not all occupations are created equal. Just ask any mom. They wipe snotty noses. They make lunches, spreading peanut butter and jelly before anybody else is even out of bed. They scrub jeans covered in grass stains. They cut coupons and count pennies, making a budget stretch faurther. They attend soccer games early Saturday morning, […]