Jeremy Statton

Living Better Stories

Love is the Narrow Path

There is a path that is narrow. The sides are covered with thorn bushes whose branches reach out across like hands trying to grab you all who attempt to pass. The skin of arms and legs scratched in warning of where the path may lead. The path itself is uneven, scattered with rocks and stones and tree [...]

How the Destination Helps You to Choose the Path

photo by Brian Koprowski

It is a subject most of try to avoid. You rarely purposefully think about it.  You often dodge the topic when it comes up in conversation. Or if you happen to read something about it you quickly move on. You would prefer that it be something you never have to consider. While it a subject that you [...]

The Best Way to Learn How to Live a Better Story

photo by James Wheeler (creative commons license)

“How many shirts did you pack?” “Two.” “Is that enough?” I asked. “Yes,” my said son. “Okay,” I said. “Do you need anything else? Did you forget anything?” “I got it, Dad,” he said. “Okay. Have a good trip.” Learning through Experience A week ago Sunday I dropped my son off at the church where [...]

The First Step in Finding Truth

photo by Martin Gommel

Who is searching for the truth? To some degree or another, all of us. Perhaps there are some who don’t care. Perhaps there are a limited few who think that truth doesn’t matter. But the majority of us want to discover and to know truth. We want truth to help us choose what purpose to [...]

Brokenness Helps us to See Beauty

photo by Christolakis (creative commons license)

Part I Why do so many bad things happen in life? Why do people get hurt? Why is there poverty? Why is there hunger? Why is there disease? Why do we experience loss? Why do relationships get damaged and eventually destroyed? Why do we choose to hurt each other? Why do some kids have to [...]

Swimming in the Deep End

The Deep End A friend is in China right now adopting her son. As she made final preparations to leave, she sent me an email telling me a little bit about the challenges she was experiencing. Specifically someone important to her felt like she was making a mistake. My friend is single. She is a doctor. She [...]

An Example of Courage

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I’ve driven by the building countless times. I hardly notice the size anymore. But to Sean, it was overwhelming. We parked and stepped out of the car. He was a step behind as Noah and I walked to the front door. Other kids were already being dropped off and walking toward the same entrance. They [...]

Read the Fine Print

photo by Trey Ratcliff (creative commons license)

That shirt will look good on you. That car will be fun to drive and make you happier. You can afford the low interest plan. Eventually he will change and become a better person. You will have the time of your life. Everybody else is doing it. Those donuts will taste so good. Doing it [...]

5 Elements of a Good 10 Year Plan

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There are a few guarantees in life. The typical examples are death and taxes. I have one more for you. The next 10 years will pass quickly. Ten years seems like a really long time. It is hard to even imagine what life will be like then. What will you be doing? Where will you [...]

More Than You Can Handle

photo by Alessandro Pautasso (creative commons license)

Like the baby bear in The Story of the Three Bears, most are looking for just right. Not too hot. Not too cold. Not too hard. Not too soft. You want to find a place in life in which everything is comfortable. But how do you ever learning something new? How will you grow? Runners train their bodies [...]