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Chinese Amusement Parks

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It wasn’t on my bucket list, but it should have been. On Thursday we visited our first Chinese amusement park. The park featured exotic animals, like Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but better. It was actually one of the best amusement park experiences I’ve ever had.

You can see a few pictures below. As far as the rest of the trip goes, we arrived in Beijing today. I’ll have more pictures for you Monday or Tuesday.

We actually did eat at KFC that night. It’s just easy.


Black Swan Lake.


An example of one of the cultural differences we will have to overcome. The vehicle was moving while he was standing up. Somehow we are going to have to get this kid to wear a seatbelt.


The animals were amazing.

DSC00923 DSC00926


Noah wouldn’t pose with the giant koala, so his older brother decided to make him.


Sean won.


And then the koala won.


I’ve seen white ones before, and they had plenty, but I’ve never seen one without stripes. 


And I’ve never seen a baby one.


And of course, pandas. Or 熊猫 (xiong mao) in Chinese.


We spend three nights and Beijing and then we get to head home on Tuesday.

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  1. Angie Patrick

    Hi Jeremy! Just wondering if this is the Safari Park in Guangzhou? We are headed to pick up our little girl on the 17th of January and have requested to go to the Safari Park because we have heard it’s amazing!

  2. It is and it is worth it. Enjoy.

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