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Why You Should Respond in Love

My son. The day we met him. In the arms of his foster mom, who loved him.

This past Monday World Vision announced through Christianity Today that they were making an organization policy change to permit the hiring of openly gay individuals who are legally married. As you can imagine, people have had all kinds of reactions this week. Those who disagree with this move, have been vocal in their condemnation of [...]

Today was Almost Different


Today is January 13, 2014. A month ago, this very day was a viewed as a burden. A deadline. A day that was coming too soon. A month ago, we were anxious. Uncertain. We were calling anybody that we could. Not always finding a listening ear. We still needed so much to happen. We needed [...]

Tomorrow We Leave

I want you to meet Sean. His Chinese name is Xin Min (pronounced “Shen Men”). We will name him Sean XinMin Statton. And tomorrow we leave to meet him and make him our son. The story has been a short, but stressful one. It almost didn’t happen. We first learned about Sean in August. My wife [...]

Have you Ever Been Hit in the Face?

photo by Paul Hocksenar

I recently told you about our latest adoption. We are making progress. I believe it is going to happen. But right now, it isn’t easy. The issue has to do with our son’s age. In China, orphans can be adopted up to age 14. Once you turn 14 you are no longer elgible to be [...]

Can We Do More?

My wife and I are up to no good again. This is the beginning of a new chapter in our story. We adopted two children from China the summer before last, returning home in August of 2012. Adoption is easily the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. The last fifteen months have [...]

Holding back so we don’t get hurt

I was talking to a friend recently about our latest adoptions efforts. The scenario is difficult. We are in the process at adopting a 13 year old boy from China. The only problem is that when you turn 14 there, you are no longer eligible. We have to have all the paperwork completed and there [...]

Because You Never Know

Why should you reach out to those who are less fortunate you? Why should you sacrifice and give to others? Why should you let go of the things you enjoy so that you can give more of yourself and time and money to those without? Because you never know. I have heard a well known [...]

The Day our Daughter was Abandoned

On July 23, 2012, one year ago tomorrow, my wife and I met our adopted daughter for the first time. To honor the anniversary, I want to celebrate my daughter by celebrating her birth mom. Most of us know the story of the Chinese orphan. A harsh government policy of only one child per family [...]

Trading in Your Dreams

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Joe is the kind of friend I can be honest with. When I told him my story, I held nothing back. But I would discover I wasn’t being honest with myself. I was telling him about our plans to adopt. We already had four kids and now we were looking to add to our family [...]

When Love Conquers Labels

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I. When I look at them I see smiles and laughter. Sometimes I see jealously and anger. Sometimes I see that they are up to no good. At other times I see something deep in their hearts that I am unable to decipher. But I always see them. I see past the window dressing of [...]