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Merry Christmas from China

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Being adopted is somewhat like being born in the sense that you show up empty handed. At least with adoption they let you keep the clothes on your back.

So we took Sean out to get him some new clothes.

Getting the little guy some new clothes. He seemed to really enjoy this.

And we bumped into Lebron James while we were out. He already had his Christmas game face on.

We had to stop for this photo. It's not often you get your photo taken with Lebron James.

Urumqi is different than much of the rest of China in that there is a strong minority ethnic presence. Here 70% of people are Han, and the other 30% consist of ethnic minorities including the Islamic Uyghurs. The city is known for the Xinjiang International Grand Bazaaar that highlights the cultural diversity here.

The international bazaar.

All of the dried fruit and nuts anyone could ever hope for.

All of the dried fruit and nuts anyone could hope for.

Sean’s new pants were a little bit big for him, so we had someone make a belt for him.

While at the bazaar we found out that Sean's new jeans were a little big. So this guy at the bazaar hand made him a belt.

And to celebrate Christmas Eve, we ate pizza. Notice Sean showing off his skills with a fork and knife.

And then we went out for pizza on Christmas Eve

Having grown up in Kentucky, a white Christmas was a special gift. As cold as it is, I’m certain it happens every year here. In fact Sunday is the only day it hasn’t snowed. Here we are braving the snow in the People’s Square.

A white Christmas in the People's Square.

And then, in what I hope does not become a new Christmas tradition for us, we stopped at KFC for lunch.

This will not become a new Christmas tradition for us. Lunch at KFC.

The boys wouldn’t mind this being a tradition, however. I think the sled has been Noah’s favorite part of the trip.


Amanda even got in on the action.

Amanda even got in on the action.

A friend of mine, Amy, introduced us to some Americans living here in Uruqmi. They teach at the local university. It was an incredible blessing for us to spend Christmas night with people who were celebrating the birth of Jesus along side of us. It was different for us, but it was good.

Thanks Amy for sharing your friends with us.

And we celebrated Christmas night with some new friends.

And we celebrated Christmas night with some new friends.

I’m a little late, but Merry Christmas to everyone.

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4 Replies

  1. Justin

    Awesome Jeremy. A belated wish, but the Howerton’s wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Can’t wait to meet your son. Love most certainly DOES things…

  2. Good to hear from you Justin.

  3. Linda Scholtens

    What a wonderful way to start my day with a cup of tea:) A beautiful true story inspired and brought to fruition by our Lord. Love the photos and Sean looks like he is fitting right in! :)

  4. Thanks Linda. Sean is a good kid. There is much for all of us to figure out yet, but he is a good kid.

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