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When Our Dreams Changed

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Eight years ago my wife and I did something most hope for but few get to do. We moved into our dream home.

Our dream home is built of logs and nestled on 5 wooded acres. It is beautiful and quiet.

We designed the house together. We searched through blueprints on the internet. We visited models. And then using a computer program, we positioned every wall and corner and door. We determined how it would look and feel. We picked out everything.

Our home is beautiful. Everyone who sees it tells us so. And we happen to agree.

When people come to visit, they settle in quickly. Even if it is their first time there they feel at home.

And now we are doing something probably even fewer people do. We are selling our dream home.

Our Dream Home

Our Dream Home

Our Old Dream

Our dream was to live comfortably. To enjoy our abundant life permitted by finishing medical training and starting practice.

Our dream was to send our kids to private schools.

Our dream was to travel all over the world. And to take our kids with us.

Our dream was to fit comfortably in our eight passenger Honda Odyssey Touring.

Our dream was to build a nest egg. To save for an early retirement.

Our dream was to have more time for each other. To have enough energy at night to actually be able to sit and talk. To have enough time to pursue life together.

Our home was an indication that we were well on our way.

Seeing the Dreams of Others

But then something happened. Together we opened our eyes to life outside of our dreams. We started seeing what life is like for others.

We started to understand that for some, their dream is simply to have clean water.

For some, their dream is to have the medicines they need to keep their HIV levels low enough that thy don’t die from AIDS-related complications.

For some, their dream is to have enough food for today.

For some, their dream is to stay warm.

For some, their dream is to be freed from slavery.

And for some children, their dream is to have a family.

When we opened our eyes to see the difference between our dreams and the dreams of others, we had no choice but for our dreams to change.

Our New Dreams

Our new dream is to be adoptive parents.

Our new dream is to be the parents of a child with cancer. To hold his hand after surgery. To take him to get labs drawn to check tumor markers.

Our new dream is to be the parents of a girl with cerebral palsy. To take her to therapy. To have her fitted for braces. To accomodate for her physical needs.

Our new dreams is to be the parents of a boy who almost didn’t have a family. To adopt a teenager. To help him learn English even though it is hard.

Our new dream is to drive a 12 passenger mega-van even though I don’t want to.

Our new dream is to have our kids enrolled in a public school system that can meet their needs.

Our new dream is to live in a home that fits our big family. The woods are gorgeous, but somebody else can have them. Six to seven bedrooms is a dream come true for us now.

When we look at the home we built, we see an incredible place to live. We see beautiful exposed wood grains. We hear the quietness of living on five acres. We see deer grazing just outside the kitchen window. But we don’t see our home.

Letting go of it is easy because our dreams changed.

What do you dream about?

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Jeremy is a writer and an orthopedic surgeon. When not ridding the world of pain, he helps you live a better story. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook or Google +.

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35 Replies

  1. I dream of building 100 houses in Guatemala. I helped build one in the summer of 2012. This summer, I’ll build two more (maybe even three more). 97 more to go!

  2. HisFireFly

    changing dreams, a familiar theme for us as well
    surrendering our country quiet
    for the peace of knowing we are in God’s will
    as we continue to prepare for serving in Malawi

  3. JoshSkillman

    Really enjoyed reading this. Very throughtful and inspiring. Well done…

  4. First the van, now the house. Wow, Jeremy, God’s asking you to give up a lot. And it sounds like you’re taking it in strides.

  5. Well, we will buy another house. And it will be a very comfortable house. It just won’t be our dream house. So I don’t have much to complain about.

  6. Wow. When do you move to Malawi?

  7. HisFireFly

    if our funding is in place by June 9th we leave in August!

  8. wow! that’s great. would you mind sharing a link where I can find out more?

  9. HisFireFly

    I will email you our newsletter – there is nothing online but for a few mentions on my blog

  10. Joni Sullivan

    Beautiful! We have 5 children ages 17-5. My dream is to adopt from Africa. I was blessed to be able to go on my first mission trip to Kenya last year. I left a part of my heart. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Elizabeth

    My dream is to graduate college in cardiology here in TC to help ppl in not only the US but other countries, where simple preventative medicine, &/or what we consider simple procedures here, can save lives. My dream is to not only specialize in cardiology, but neurology as well…breaking new ground, I understand. Theres a connection in His kingdom between the head _&the heart which is sometimes missed…& i believe thats true in medicine/healthcare too! My dream in 2013 was to leave a very high paying career/corporate USA to pursue my new dream…and here I am in TC starting FT this summer 2014! Thank you for sharing…this was such a great reminder in so many ways!!

  12. Roger Sieber

    Jeremy, May God bless you for thinking of others first and seeing His dream for you is better. My prayer is that you see Him drawing you closer to his heart. Colombiansieber

  13. Heather

    You would think a medical doctor could use proper spelling and grammar.
    It is a nice, uplifting story, but poor writing.

  14. Darin Tito Schrock

    Ya, maybe he needs a new dream, to be better at grammar. Seems like that’s the next logical step. You know, focus on what’s really important.

  15. Alex

    Great stuff Jeremy! My wife and four children experienced the same thing five years ago. We now have one additional adopted child. We also sold our dream house in the country then moved to remote Honduras. We have been
    here for four years serving the indigenous people. This is also the first year of our school that we
    opened with a lot of help from the Lord and generous people. God bless your journey!

  16. talia

    I just love this. You and Amanda are heroes to me, and an inspiration to so many.

  17. Jake

    I’m a medical student in the middle of my training. Reading this gave me goosebumps. How I long for a house in the woods where my wife and I can live “the dream”, and how we know that God might not be calling us to that life. Here is to trusting that His adventure is better than the one I can dream up. Thanks for sharing.

  18. vickchick57

    I’m betting that Heather is his sister Heather and that she is just giving him a hard time. 🙂

  19. Vicki

    Well, I hope that’s true, because the writing was fine. Anyone can leave out a word or comma. And the fragments starting with “to” were obviously done for effect. I’m an English teacher; I think he did a good job. 🙂

  20. Jason'n'Andrea Mann

    beautiful story! I love the way God changes our dreams to His own-we get to live that as well. it’s wonderful, and hard, and wonderful. 🙂

  21. Jeremy, just came across your blog (almost by accident!) and love what you are doing. This is a great post and I look forward to more of your writing.

    Re: dreams … I dream that artists and other creative people will realize the true power and value of what they do, and begin to operate at their true full potential.

  22. I’d be happy to take your input on how to make it better.

  23. You’re scaring me Alex. Moving to Honduras is next?

  24. We aren’t heroes. We suck at this, but we are doing the best we can.

  25. You have such a long road, Jake, I wouldn’t worry about that part too much now. Just keep taking the next step. And if you get a chance, go visit Tenwek hospital in Kenya.

  26. I love that. Wonderful and hard and wonderful.

  27. Where in Kenya did you go?

  28. I have a friend who is a cardiologist who makes a trip to Africa every year. When she goes, she is incredibly busy. There will be plenty for you to do.

  29. That is the most gorgeous house, Jeremy. Have you read Resurrection Year by Sheridan Voysey? I started talking to him through my job before I read his book, but it astounded me and still lingers in my everyday thoughts. It’s all about what to do when your dreams die, and I can tell you Sheridan is as authentic as they get.

  30. I haven’t but I will.

  31. M'Lynn

    Best reply ever. I’m raising three kids in China and often get the hero thing. I might just have to use this line! (just found your blog today. great stuff happening here!)

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