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3 Reasons You Need to Get “Wrecked”

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I want you to get WRECKED so bad that I am giving away 5 copies of Jeff Goins’ new book. Details of the book give away are located at the end of the post. This offer expires Wednesday morning Aug 1 at 8:00am.

This week a new book releases by Jeff Goins titled Wrecked. And I want you to get it.

Both the book and your story.

Normal or Wrecked?

We get to choose how we tell our story. How to live our lives. But in general there are two options.

The “normal” one is to live life for yourself. Focus on you. Buy more stuff. Build bigger barns (a nest egg) and then fill them with your stuff. The stuff of the American Dream. Focused on self. Entitled.

The other option is to live out of a sense of love. A life of commitment. To do good for the sake of others. To live generously. To live sacrificially.

To realize that life is short and will end, and the things that matter most to us when it is over is what needs to matter most to us right now.

In the pursuit of lives that tell better stories, we have to shift away from a normal, consumerism-driven, way of looking at life. Instead, we have to be destroyed for the good of others. Completely undone for the sake of love.

Getting wrecked is about living a purposeful life, instead of one focused on yourself.

3 Reasons You Should Get Wrecked

1. Your life is too comfortable. It sounds paradoxical, but it is true. To live a better story, we have to experience pain. Especially the pain of others. Until there is pain, you will find it hard to do something bigger than yourself. Until you see a need or feel a burden, you will stay put.

Getting wrecked is about entering pain for the good of others.

2. You were made for a bigger purpose. How do you spend your time right now? Pur your iPhone down for a second and actually think about this. What do your days look lie? Video games? Television? The making of money? Getting drunk? All fun things to do. But none of them provide any substance or quality to your life.

Getting wrecked is about recognizing what truly matters and living a life with purpose.

3. Our culture doesn’t understand what it means to love. In a society intent on getting you to buy a ticket to the movie, we tell stories about love that make us feel good. To us, love is about a feeling that overwhelms us and makes us happy. Like a drug. Or chocolate chip cookies. This is not true love. True love is about the other person. Giving them what they need. Doing for them what they need.

Getting wrecked is about a love that is sacrificial.

Get Wrecked

Goins relays his own experience of seeing life differently. From using his spare time to befriend the homeless in his city to helping missionaries who have decided to devote their life for the good of the poor.

Wrecked is a book that is part instructional and part inspirational. A book filled with stories and a call to live with a greater sense of meaning than buying a big house and an expensive luxury car. To live life with purpose. To view people as individual who have worth, even when they smell bad and wear dirty clothes. To care. To love.

There is a 4th reason you should get WRECKED. If you buy the book later this week (between Aug 1-Aug 4), Goins is offering you 6 free gifts.

These gifts include:

  • Electronic versions of the book (a $31.47 collection).
  • Advance download of the unabridged audiobook (a $29.99 value).
  • The 10-week “action guide” for group or individual study (an exclusive guide valued at $12.99).
  • Complimentary copy of my latest eBook, You Are a Writer in all formats (a $14.97 value).
  • Free download of my hour-long audio program, The Writer’s Studio, plus a companion worksheet (a $19.98 value).
  • 50% off his upcoming online writing course, Tribe Writers (a value of $49.50).

To read more about this opportunity click here.

Have you ever been wrecked?

You can leave a comment by clicking here.

To be eligible to receive a free copy of Wrecked I need for you to leave a comment below with a reason why you want the book. You also need to share this blog post on either Twitter or Facebook. When you share it, please be sure to include my name so that I’ll be notified. I will arbitrarily select 5 winners. The book give away will close on Wednesday Aug 1 at 8:00am. Winners of the contest will be eligible for the 6 free gifts as well.

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29 Replies

  1. Tess Geemail

    This is EXACTLY the place I am in .. right now .. without question.   A place of transition without a roadmap …. I read this and got goosebumps! 🙂  It sounds perfect and timely!

  2. Strange enough, I’m trying to get myself wrecked. Right now, I’m drifting in the windless ocean.

  3. I loved the 1st chapter and was inspired. Jeff’s book sounds like another one of those ‘life changing’ reads. 

  4. I’m so excited about Wrecked because it’s my life. I have been wrecked and I will never be the same… and it’s ok. I’ve learned so much! 

    No regrets,

  5. Jeremy-great interview. I’ll wait to purchase from Jeff on Aug 1st. 

  6. I am an administrator for a county program serving people with developmental disabilities. I also serve my church, my wife & family. But I know that I want to serve better and be a better steward of the life and time which God has given me. I also want to find better methods and words to help others serve with me. It would be great to get a copy of the book Wrecked!

  7. Patricia ONeal

    Making a difference in the lives of others is the right thing for my life.  What a person experiences must be used to help others. The experience is not meant for me alone.  By reading WRECKED I can learn more concerning sharing my experiences. By reading WRECKED I could be more effective in making a difference in the lives of others.

  8. Slsforever

    Id like to put my name into the hat for this book, I think since Ive been wrecked physically I could stand to be wrecked on a mental level in order to have a better outlook on life and a new perspective…

  9. I’d like to read it because I’m a huge fan of Jeff…but it will be given to 1 of 2 friends after that. The 1st lost their baby at 40 weeks a few years back…the 2nd lost their son at 7 days old just a couple months ago. I think it would highly benefit either of them, probably the latter. 

  10. Jeff’s been an awesome inspiration. 

    This book sounds awesome. I’ve felt “wrecked” many times in life. I’m sure it’ll happen again and again. It would be great to have this book as a reminder that those times will come but we can survive them. 

  11. Sometimes I find myself at that point as well.

  12. Jared, that’s awesome that you’re willing to give the book to your friends after reading it. Hearing their stories, it sounds like something they could use.

  13. This books sounds like it’s going to be awesome. Jeff’s already been a great inspiration when it comes to writing.

    I wrote a post around two weeks ago, “When God wrecks our plans”

    It was inspired by your post ‘Be that somebody – part 1 – hearing stories’ and some reviews on Jeff’s book.

    I doubt God will ever stop interrupting our lives. We are forgetful and he has to keep wrecking us, to remind us what truly matter.

  14. “Put your iPhone down for a second and actually think about this. What do your days look like?”

    Great review, Jeremy. I loved this book and am learning to live better days instead of just coasting through life. Your blog, as well as Jeff’s book are ideas that continue to challenge me to live differently.

  15. Thanks. Jeff’s stuff is always helpful.

  16. I hope he doesn’t stop. I guess one of the questions is whether or not we are going to be involved with him wrecking our plans.

  17. The book is a bit more than that even. I was surprised by a few directions Jeff took the book. I think you are going to like it, Joe.

  18. I completely understand what you are saying.

  19. I cannot wait to read this book! I plan on purchasing a few copies this week to give to my husband and a few friends. 

    When I was in the pit of my depression, something unexpected happened…my eyes were opened to the hurting world around me and there is no way of going back (not that I want to). So yeah, I’ve been wrecked. I even wrote about this on my “about the blog” section on my blog. And funny enough, I just wrote how I easy it is to fall into the “entitled” trap.

    Love what you’re doing here, Jeremy. So impressed that you do this alongside a medical career and family. My husband is a 4th year fellow and there is no way I could ever see  him blogging! Thanks for your daily inspiration!

  20. The book will help you make that difference.

  21. Wow. Interesting job, Jim. I think the book fits in great with you.

  22. Thanks for waiting, Aaron. I know you have been wrecked.

  23. I really enjoyed it. Jeff the book a few directions that surprised me. I’m sure you will like it.

  24. Since I’m in China right now and don’t have access to Twitter, I don’t know either. No problems. Consider yourself entered, Tess.

  25. Are you doing anything that will get yourself wrecked, or waiting for the wrecking ball to crash in?

  26. It’ll be interesting to see for sure. I’m sure it’ll be an enjoyable read.

  27. Diane Rivers

    I’ve met Jeff Goins, heard him speak, and have subscribed to his blog for about a year and can already say without qualification that this book will be amazing.  His challenge to get “wrecked” will not be easy or comfortable and that’s the point.  (Few things that really matter are.) I look forward to reading it and being inspired.  Thanks for the opportunity, Jeremy. 

  28. why do i want a copy of wrecked? cuz i need to be. in my pursuit of a life worth living i have fallen into a pit of selfishness. i know it won’t be easy or fun, and i’ll probably want to deny it until i’m blue in the face, but i need to get wrecked. i need to get out of myself, out of my mind, and see the world from a point of truth and authenticity rather than the me-focused falsehoods i’ve been chasing.

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