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Love is Impractical

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Most of what you did yesterday made sense.

  • You brushed and flossed your teeth because you don’t want cavities or bad breath.
  • You buckled your seat belt while in the car.
  • You stuck to your budget even though you would look really good in those shoes you saw.
  • You ordered the “skinny” vanilla latte to save on a few calories.
  • You stayed on the bunny slopes and the blue squares when you went skiing because it was safer.

Being practical is good.

Being practical helps you to predict your day. Being practical helps keep you safe. Being practical helps you to pay your bills. Being practical makes the world go round.

Thank God for practicalities.

Except for when it comes to love.

Love must be impractical, otherwise it isn’t love. A love that makes sense is a love that holds back. A love that is cautious is a love that is weak and anemic. A love that is logical would never be unconditional.

Love will never be about weighing the pro’s and con’s.

Like a skier who does jumps and flips and black diamond runs, love is better when you stop being practical.

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photo by RenoTahoe (creative commons license)

Love Will

Love will always give more than it has.

Love will go farther than what is expected.

Love will be more patient than is practical.

Love will listen longer.

Love will offer a smile even when you don’t feel much like it.

Love will wait as long as it takes.

Love will hug a little bit longer and a little bit tighter.

Love will have little concern for what everybody else thinks or does.

Love will show up even on rainy days and the Friday before a 3 day weekend.

Love will try one more time. And one more time after that. And one more time after that.

Love will do all of this without expecting anything in return.

Why Not?

Be practical when it makes sense to. Don’t go and do something dangerously stupid.

But don’t forget to be impractical. Don’t forget to be illogical. Don’t forget to let go.

Today why not stop being so practical for a moment and see where love takes you?

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