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A better story in Kenya: photoblog

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A few pictures from my trip to Kenya.

1. The Great Rift Valley.

2. Typical “cows blocking the road” traffic.

3. The center courtyard and new CT scanner at Tenwek Hospital. The CT scanner is one of only a few in Africa.

4. A view of the Kenyan Highlands from the hospital.

5. Me in the operating room fixing a broken hip.

6. This time a broken leg with a large wound.

7. Making rounds in the hospital wards.

8. March madness in Kenya. I never figured out who messed up the Louisville Cardinal flag.

9. A beautiful little girl at a local orphanage.

10. You would think that my writing would be better doing it in this kind of environment.

11. Yes, we were that close.

12. A leopard. A rare find on safari, at least that’s what we were told.

13. He was one of about 10.

14. Me, our safari driver in traditional Masai warrior dress, and my brother.

15. The beauty of the African plain.

16. Sunrise.




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7 Replies

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful photos!

  2. Amazing – you and the photos!

  3. Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing. That beautiful lady KWoodsMK who also commented is my awesome wife. I had to point that out to you in hopes of earning some brownie points and possibly getting out of trouble in some way 😉  

  4. Good call There is always trouble of some sort.

  5. Everything was beautiful.

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