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2 Ways to Express Your Opinion

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There is truth in the saying, “I am entitled to my opinion.”

Having an opinion is good. We come from different backgrounds. We carry with us different experiences. We all need you to form your own opinion and share it.

We need your thoughts. We need your contribution. We need to see this reflection of your soul.

But there are two different ways to express an opinion.

One is to be a critic. To complain. To judge harshly.

photo by Katie Brady (Creative Commons)

Critics are easy to identify by what they say, but even easier to identify by what they do. Critics express their opinion, but never act on it. They play it safe. They stay comfortable.

Critics only judge, they never do.

The second option is to live out our opinion. To make a difference through action.

To care enough to try to change the world.

Perhaps the better question  is not what our opinion is, but what are we doing about it?

Maybe we need to ask ourselves how much we really care.

Tell the rest of us your opinion in the comments. I hope you have one.


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  1. Wow, I feel a little guilty reading this Jeremy. I need to not judge or be a critic, but to contribute and share. I think politics is one of the hardest areas to do this. It is so easy to step on toes, even if you don’t intend to. 

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