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A Gift to You

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photo by Joe Parks

photo by Joe Parks

When the stars began radiating light in all directions,
there was nobody there to see them.
No one there to study their electromagnetic radiation.
no one to proclaim their beauty,
no one to retweet their perfection.

They received no feedback on their efforts,
no evaluations with tiny bubbles to fill in,
no applause
no commendations or promotions
no hope for a reward.

But shine they did.

They shined not knowing that you and I
would be blown away by their brilliance.
They shined not knowing sailors of old would
use them to navigate the dark waters of the oceans.

They shined not knowing we would invent telescopes
to see them more clearly,
close enough to learn that they are all unique,
but still to far away to know them much at all,
like a long distant relationship,
we write each other letters.

They shined not knowing the lights of our modern cities
would make them nearly impossible to see.

And for millions of years, they did just that,
the stars kept shining until they died,
Spent of all of their gas and vapor,
having nothing else to give.

We  stare into the night sky,
and soak in their essence,
benefactors of their labors.

The recipients of their gift.

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5 Replies

  1. Sabine

    Nice poem, Jeremy! Loved it…

  2. Julieann Couture

    This was beautiful! Just what I needed to read today. :)

  3. Jeanette

    Very Nice, Beautiful Imagery. I disagree with the millions of years thing though it’s not a Biblical Creation view. What if God let them shine for just a short time with their light already reaching the earth and fade out just as fast, because He is God and can do that which seems impossible to man?

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