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Understanding Who We are Becoming

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Most doctors will check how much you weigh.

It is part of the routine. Like taking your blood pressure or your pulse or your temperature, checking your weight is a component to evaluating your health.

Even my dentist checks my blood pressure before cleaning my teeth.

I have never seen anybody refuse to have their blood pressure checked. Most want to know what it is. As soon as the nurse is finished, they will ask what it showed.

My grocery store even has an automatic blood pressure machine in the pharmacy just in case you want to see if the price of milk stresses you out.

But some refuse to have their weight checked.

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I understand that a person’s weight can be an incredibly sensitive subject, especially in our culture. And that’s why when as person refuses, everybody moves on. The form is left blank.

But refusing to have your weight checked is like many other things in life. Far too often we would rather remain ignorant than know the truth about ourselves. Far too often we refuse to see what is obvious to everybody else.

Your doctor does not check your weight to point an accusatory finger. The doctor does not have you step on the scales to ridicule you.

The goal of checking your weight is to help you to see who you are choosing to become. And, if indicated, to help you choose something different.

We become through the small choices we make on a daily basis. Checking our weight gives us an indication of how we are doing. It shows us what those choices are adding up to over time.

Our weight is a small part of our lives. We make thousands of choices of everyday. Choices on how we spend our money. Choices on how we treat others. Choices on what we do with our time. Choices on whether to consume or to create.

Choices on whether or not to love.

Those who are willing to open their eyes are given the gift of sight. And with sight comes understanding. The understanding of who we are becoming.

And with understanding comes the power to change. The power to change and become who we want to be.

Refusing to see changes nothing.

What have you refused to see?

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  1. Dr. Statton, as always, you are profound. That’s a lot to think about. God bless.

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