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The Used Car Salesman

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The car had just come in and wasn’t ready to show yet. The manager told me his price, saying that he didn’t feel like he could come down much more. I would come back in a few days and we could settle on a final number then.When I came by, the manager was out, so the salesman gave us the write up. It was $2000 cheaper than the previous price. “We’ll take it!” I said without hesitation. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed to good to be true. It was.….

This is an excerpt from a post that I wrote for People of the Second Chance.

Most nonprofits focus on the act of getting much needed food and clean water to people who are less fortunate.

POTSC is a group that focuses on you. They help you live a better story by encouraging you to live a life based in grace, the concept of giving yourself and others a second chance.

Currently POTSC is helping us all become aware of the labels we use. Labels tell lies about ourselves and others.

In my post I tell you about a recent experience I had with a used car salesman, a label that nobody wants. The salesman made a mistake and my initial response was to make him pay. To argue and fight to get my way.

I didn’t care about him, I only wanted my way. I aimed to get it by using a label.

When I took the time to listen to him I discovered that he had made an honest mistake, and I was going to make his life harder for it. I stopped  and gave him a second chance.

An important part of living a better story is allowing others the opportunity to make mistakes, to show grace.

Go check out my post and their website. Your life and your story will be better for it.

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photo by John Lloyd (Creative Commons)

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4 Replies

  1. I’m a used car dealer and I hate the stigma that comes with it.  We do our best to be honest, open, and as up front as we can.  Yes, we have to turn a profit, but so does every business.  Is everyone angry with Target, 7 Eleven, or any other business, just simply for being in business?  

  2. Jeremy Statton

    Shawn, you are right about stigma. I am glad that you are someone who doesn’t let that dictate who you are. With my post I was trying to show that I used that label and it’s associated stigma, but that the label was a lie after all. If you read more from “People of the Second Chance,” they currently have a campaign to deal with labels. You might find it encouraging.

  3. Sampson Greenovich

    I bought used cars in Regina and love them, I think the prices are the best part.

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