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When Leadership Fails

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photo by Mike Behnken (Creative Commons)

At some point it will happen to you.

Rainy days. Flat tires. The worst case scenario. As the saying goes, it happens.

And so do poor leadership.

Most of us respond by complaining. We are quick to point out their faults, but slow to help out or do anything about it. We tell everyone just how good we could be if only we had a better leader.

In this guest post at, I give you 5 things to remember when you find yourself in a leadership fail.

It is bad enough that leadership fails have to happen, but it is even worse when we respond poorly and fail to learn from the experience.

If you want to read more, please be sure to go read the full post by clicking here.

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3 Replies

  1. Diane Turner

    Great piece. I especially liked the line: What if I’d responded to poor leadership better?
    And isn’t that true with relationships, with co-workers, with our own missteps and misdeeds? Patience, ah patience. Honesty, sure. Stuff we should pack in our bags as we walk this planet.
    Thanks for sharing.

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