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I’ll Never Regret Saying Yes

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This is an article I published today with my friend Allison Vesterfelt. Ally survives the winters of Minnesota by writing, so she’s had plenty of practice. I invite you to visit her blog or follow her on Twitter because she is worth it. In the fall she will be releasing a new book titled Packing Light.

Or if you want to read the rest of my article click here.

I ignored one question as long as I could, but eventually it had to be answered.

“Why was I saying no?”

I wanted to believe it was because I was being practical. Four kids is enough, maybe even too much, for anybody. How would we even pay for college with that many? How could we have enough love to give to yet another child, much less time and energy? How would we pay for it? How could we take on the work of a special needs child?

But the real answers was simple. I didn’t want to do it because I knew it would suck.

The entire time I was disguising the real answer with distractions. The truth was I didn’t want to adopt because I knew it would be hard. I didn’t want to adopt because I wanted to preserve my own life and comfort and pleasure.

I was worried that as soon as I said yes, it would open a flood gate of doing more, of seeing the need of others and trying to help meet it. A pattern of saying yes.

And it did.

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  1. Getting ready to hit the jump to finish the article, but I wanted to point out that I also look forward to your stormtrooper pictures.

  2. the people that take those photos are amazing.

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