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23 Good Habits for a Better Story in 2013

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All of this talk about habits, but what does it matter without practice? What good is theory without implementation?

What we believe seems to me to matter very little. What we do is everything.

photo by Thomas Hawk (creative commons)

Here are my list of good habits I want to develop over the coming year.

1. Choose to be happy.

2. Start my day early. Every day.

3. Smile until it hurts.

4. Listen before speaking.

5. Read. Read for fun. Read for ideas. Read to learn. But always be reading. (Last year I read 60 books. Let’s see what happens this year.)

6. Write daily.

7. Write a book. (Hopefully I have more to come on this one.)

8. Be scientific.

9. Be Foolish.

10. Hold and smile and laugh with my children.

11. Date night.

12. Travel overseas and do something good for somebody else.

13. Do good for somebody where I live.

14. Do good for somebody I already know.

15. Help orphans.

16. Eat more vegetables.

17. Ask others what I can do to help them.

18. Engage conflict instead of avoiding it.

19. Experience the love of God.

20. Love the work.

21. Embrace right now and live in it fully.

22. Begin.

23. Finish.

What habits do you hope to make over the coming year?

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20 Replies

  1. Great habits, Jeremy. The Lord has really placed it on my heart this year to pray for inconvenience. Point A- Point B might be the quickest route…but that is not where all the blessing are found. Praying to be stretched and grown in this area.

  2. Wow, I love number 23. Finish. What a great habit to develop in 2013.

    Great list Jeremy…

  3. I love these. Quite a few of them are on my list too. Except I need to nail my down on paper so I can cross them off. I wonder if I can get 23 achievable but stretching goals.

  4. Katina Vaselopulos

    Love your list Jeremy! Many common goals! Inspired by you to make the extra effort to realize them. May the Spirit lift and strengthen us to do what we need to do. Happy and blessed New Year to you and your family!

  5. Hang out with great people

  6. Great list! Enjoyed the simplicity of it all. An addition I have from mine is to be more physically active.

  7. Great habit. Thanks for including it.

  8. I struggle with 23. Too many starts. Too few finishes.

  9. I struggle with the finish.

  10. That’s kind of scary. My life is full of inconveniences and it is hard. I believe, though, that they will one day be worth it and the painful part will be forgotten.

  11. That should be on mine too, but I think I left it out because there is a ton of resistance to it right now.

  12. Ask my family what was their favorite part of the day

  13. We do this on occasion whenever we sit down to eat dinner. Unfortunately we don’t get to sit down and eat much anymore. Maybe I need to make that a habit. Thanks for sharing, Alex.

  14. Great post Jeremy. Definitely finish. I’m a great starter, but what matters is finishing. I also want to build the habit of gratitude. I want that to become my default instead of complaining and cynicism.

  15. Those are great additions. For me gratitude is part of choosing to be happy, but it’s important to mention by itself.

  16. This wasn’t a habit for me either when I started. I found that when we made it into something exciting, it became a habit. We can’t wait to talk about the highlight of our day.
    I love this habit because it makes our family focus on the positive.

  17. 60 books? You’re amazing, Jeremy. My goal is to beat you this year. 🙂

  18. We should occasionally talk about what we are reading.

  19. Is it okay if reading your response made me laugh? Only because my mind was there all last year.

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