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How Busy Are You?

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Have you ever noticed that anytime you bump into someone you know and ask how they are doing, you find out how busy they are?

“How is work?”

“Oh man, it is busy.”

“How are the kids?”

“The kids keep me so busy.”

“We happen to be moving this weekend. Could you help us?”

“I would love to, but I am just too busy.”

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Sometimes we say this out of comparison. Sometimes we say it because we don’t know what else to say.

photo by Trey Ratcliff (creative commons)

I had a friend introduce me to a friend of his this week and this is what he told them.

“Jeremy is the busiest person I know.”

The truth is we are all busy doing something all of the time. 24-7. And we all have the same amount of time to do it in. 24-7.

  • Sometimes we are awake. Sometimes we are asleep.
  • Sometimes we work. Sometimes we play.
  • Sometimes we create. Sometimes we consume.
  • Sometimes we are happy. Sometimes we are sad. Or worse, angry.
  • Sometimes we use our time well. Sometimes we waste it.
  • Sometimes we live. Sometimes we worry.
  • Sometimes we soak up every minute of our time. Sometimes we kill it.
  • Sometimes we start. Sometimes we wait for another day.

Busyness isn’t the issue.

The question then is what are you busy doing?

The second question is even better.

What will you cut out of your busy schedule so that you can get busy doing something worthwhile?

But don’t spend all of your time asking the questions. Get busy doing something about it. Today.

And if you have the time, consider sharing this message with your friends.

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14 Replies

  1. Rebecca Tudor

    You are so right. What you are busy doing makes all the difference

  2. SixStringGoofball

    It’s all about redeeming the time and having the right priorities. Good blog post.

  3. Great insight! Funny, i just wrote a post about this with a little different angle. It’s not out yet though. Speaking of being busy…i better get on something productive. 😀

  4. DDF

    I always enjoy your questions and thoughts, Jeremy. Today’s post reminded me of a pastor named Ed Dobson ( Ed was an incredibly busy pastor of a church of several thousand in Grand Rapids, MI. In his early 50s, however, he was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). … He resigned his pastorate and, well, then he was not busy any more. His failing body won’t let him be. But he lived to BE BUSY. He loved being busy. … He tells his very touching story at the website and in his new book “Seeing through the Fog.” … Terrific book about the things we should be “busy” about.

    One of my fears as a busy pastor myself is that I’ll stand before my Creator someday and say, “My goodness I was busy 24/7 doing this and that and this and that. I met myself coming and going most of my life.”

    And I hear God say, “That’s great pal. That’s just not what I called you to do.”

    Go to and listen to him say it. The video are short and of exceptional quality.

    I appreciate you, Jeremy! Thanks for all you do for God’s Kingdom.

  5. I’ve heard Ed speak before. His perspective is incredibly valuable. I agree. If you haven’t paid attention to Ed’s Story, it is worth finding the time to be busy with.

  6. A mentor of mine shared this with me a couple years ago, and expands your second question in the following way (4 more questions):

    1) What do I need to do more of?

    2) What do I need to do less of?

    3) What do I need to start doing?

    4) What do I need to stop doing?

    Those 4 questions have been a great help to me in constantly prioritizing and keeping focused on the important stuff and not just being “busy.” Great post!

  7. Love this Jeremy – being busy isn’t necessarily wrong – it’s all about what we are doing in our busyness
    Love the share buttons by the way 🙂 Always makes it easy to share content.

  8. My pastor once asked us if we’re wearing “busyness” like a badge. If so, we need to stop.

  9. Thank you Jeremy.
    Unfortunately it’s all too true for the majority, busy-ness. I’m at the
    place in my life where I just want to be busy being what God called me to be,
    and doing ONLY was I was designed to do, and to hell with the rat race.

  10. I think about how to redeem the time all the time!

  11. Kurt Swann


    Was just thinking of this sort of thing lately. I had been a member of a local business/service organization. But over time it just seemed like lots more bureaucracy and not as much service. Recently I got a call from a local school to see if I could help in their mentoring program which I had done last year. So I decided to drop the bureaucracy from my weekly schedule and added one-on-one mentoring at a middle school for disadvantaged kids. I’m no more “busy” than I had been but am spending my time in ways that feel more valuable.


  12. Sounds like a good story, Kurt. And a good busyness. Send me an email and tell me more.

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