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The Secret to an Incredible Story

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I want you to meet, Bob.

Bob Goff

He is the most incredible person and the most courageous man I have ever met.

The Need

Bob is a lawyer, and owns a successful law firm, which he still manages with his partners. But he was called to something else. Bob saw an enormous need in the world and decided to do something about.

He decided to personally take on the issue of human trafficking.

Through his organization, Restore International, he began to address the issue of human slavery through child prostitution in India. It may come as a surprise, but this problem exists. In some countries girls are sold into prostitution even as young as the age of 10.

Eventually he found himself in Uganda after hearing about injustices committed against kids there. Uganda is a beautiful country which has been torn apart through years of war that has finally ceased, leaving a mess to affect the people for much longer.

Bob was going so often and doing so much, he was made the high consul. An official diplomat.

The Boy who Walked Home

One day, Bob heard a story about a boy named Charlie. Many in Uganda believe in witch doctors and dark magic. The traditions teach that the genitals of a young boy taken through child sacrifice will bring them luck. In a country that has been devastated by war and poverty, luck is about the only thing some people can hope for.

Charlie became a victim of this tradition. He was abducted, mutilated, and left for dead in the bush by one of the most feared witch doctors in Uganda. But Charlie decided to not be afraid. He didn’t stay in the bush. He fought pain and severe blood loss and walked back home.

When Charlie didn’t die, he gave Bob something he needed. Evidence.

Bob decided to try the case. One of the rules of a culture with witch doctors is that you don’t mess with witch doctors. You don’t cross them. You don’t accuse them. You don’t interfere.

Bob decided to not be afraid. He interfered. Evidence in hand, he found a judge who decided to not be afraid either.

The man was given 50 years. Now Bob has a precedent. When I met him in Uganda he was hosting a luncheon for witch doctors to tell them that if they chose to kill any more children, He would put them in prison.

Love Does by Bob Goff

And this is only one of Bob’s stories. (If you want to read more, read Bob’s new book Love Does by clicking on it. This is an affiliate link.)

The Secret to Being Superhuman

It sounds like the stuff of a fairy tale. A work of fiction. We all know that real superheroes with real superpowers who do incredible things don’t really exist.

But Bob is real, and so are his stories. Where do you find the courage to take on an entrenched cultural practice? Where do you find the courage to imprison witch doctors?

Bob’s answer to all of this is simple. Do not fear and then Jesus shows up.

When Jesus shows up, incredible things happen. In this case the impossible. A boy lived. A witch doctor imprisoned. A precedent established. More lives saved.

It is one of the most frequent commands by Jesus. Forget all of the irrelevant stuff they teach you at church. Don’t smoke. Don’t cuss. Don’t see bad movies. Don’t have bad theology.

Maybe these “don’ts” help us, but spend your time focusing on something more important. Something Jesus commanded more than anything else. (Matthew 17:5-8 ESV)

Do not fear.

What Need Do You See?

What you are afraid of? Taxes? Failure? Not being comfortable? Critics? Witch doctors? Viruses? What people think of you? Death?

There is a need in this world that you recognize and people who need you to do the work to fix it. But fear is in our way. We come up with excuses and reasons why these things can’t be done. But the real reason is fear.

Imagine the good that would happen if we all stepped past fear and into the work.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Share in the comments.

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62 Replies

  1. Marcus Eiland

    Great post, Jeremy! Thanks also for promoting Bob’s book. If I win a free copy, I will be passing it along to one of the high school kids I work with. Imagine, what a high school kid could accomplish for Christ if he/she lived a life of no fear!?

  2. Agreed. I want to give one to everybody.. Thanks Marcus.

  3. mongupp

    Save babies that’s what I would do

  4. I already own this book, and it’s next on my list. As I usually do with all new books, I scanned each cover and a few pages here and there. And I came across a part where Bob said something like, God may open and close doors, but sometimes you just have to kick those doors down.

    That stuck with me. I’m excited to hear him speak at the Nashville Storyline next week.

    If I weren’t afraid, I’d move. States away from where I currently am. And I’d pursue both writing and non-profit work, and I’d be a little more ridiculous in loving people, never fearing the ridicule or zero reciprocation that often follows vulnerability.

  5. If you win, do you have a friend you want to give the book to? You will love Bob at the conference. Just listening to him will change you. It’s amazing, but that’s how it works.

    I can’t think of any good reason for you to not do those things. Have you ever taken a trip overseas for mission work?

  6. Any ideas of what you could do to save them? For me it’s adopting 2 from China.

  7. Jess

    I’m excited to read this book. I appreciate your post about Bob and the work he is helping to do!

  8. If I weren’t afraid, I would dance a little more.  Not to the music, but to my life, as God invites me.  I’m learning – most recently, I have adopted one simple little prayer that kills fear.  That prayer is this: “Lord, I take this moment and give it back to You.”  That’s all it is- and then I dance.

  9. It’s great stuff. I hope it makes you a better Jess than you are already.

  10. Love it. Thanks for sharing Aidan. Are you a good dancer?

  11. If I wasn’t afraid I would go back to school and debt could be damned! I would be learning to do on a professional level to do something I am passionate about… Cooking.

  12. Not yet. In college I interned with Campus Crusade for Christ twice, and I was hesitant to fundraise an overseas mission trip after that. But now that I’m older, I might look into opportunities again.

    I do have friends who would benefit from reading this book, and one in particular has confessed to me that she’s been living too safely lately. It would be a perfect read for her.

  13. Thanks for sharing the link, Eric.

  14. Fund raising is the pits, but maybe it’s worth it. I recently took a trip to kenya with Samaritan’s Purse. It was fabulous. Great organization. Well organized trip. Another group that I know of is Adventures in Mission (AIM).
    Have fun.

  15. There is nothing better than have a job where you do something you are passionate about. I hope you consider it, Eric.

  16. Travis Engram

    I have heard much about this book, and am excited to read and comprehend its message. I am readying my cape now…

  17. Mark Pinto

    Read a lot about this book! Started following Bob on twitter and looking forward to reading it at some point!

  18. Katrien Samarin

    If we all find courage, to step out… do not fear… each one of us, compassion, love, action… IMAGINE all the good that would happen… with God and our willingness to partner with Him, ALL things are possible <3 Kat~ 

  19. Tim

    great stuff. looking forward to reading the book!

  20. You are going to need more than a cape. I hope you win one of the books.

  21. Two of the best decisions you could have made today, Mark. Glad to hear from you.

  22. Great post!  I’m looking forward to reading more of Bob’s book (hope I win).

  23. I’m with you Kat. I love the idea of compassion and love creating action.

  24. I agree. Thanks for participating, Tim.

  25. I hope you win too, Jon.

  26. I heard Bob’s lab talk from Catalyst East. Seems like an absolutely amazing man. Bless him for the work he is doing in Uganda.

    If I lacked fear, I would probably have started more than one business by now. But the “failure” of the first has held me back from going forward again. But I’m close to breaking through and doing something great again.

  27.  I’ll have to check that out Eric. Thanks for sharing the link!

  28. Wow! That’s a great quote from Bob. Added to my Evernote collection.

  29. Kelsey Wilson

    If we as individuals did not fear, we could do so much more in this world. Fear binds us and does not allow us to do God’s work or let him work through us. I really enjoyed this post! Looking forward to reading the book. 🙂

  30. I heard him at East as well. It was even better at Catalyst West. I think writing the book made everything fit together better for him.

  31. We can do way more than we ever thought.

  32. Nice, If it’s better than his talk at East, I will have to pick up the lab talks from Cat West.

  33. Juliew68

    sounds like an awesome book

  34. it was a main event talk at West.

  35. Oh nice! Guess it’ll be the main talks that I’ll pick up.

  36. Cathie

    What an incredible story. I admit that I am not too much of an adventurous person, even in things others would call fun. I’ve never liked taking risks too much.  So, I would love to read this book, and try to push myself out of my comfort zone.  Also, today just stumbled upon two books by David Platt, Radical & Radical Together. Sound like they are on the same kind of theme. Thanks for posting about this.

  37. Lorna Faith

    Wow…what an awesome story! Thanks Jeremy for sharing about Bob. I need to remember Bob’s answer to courage…do not fear and then Jesus shows up:) Love it.  Would love to have a chance to win the book…love the title…so true 🙂

  38. Glad I could introduce you to Bob.

  39. You’ll find all sorts of new adventures. Can’t wait to hear about them, Cathie.

  40. I hope you read it, Julie.

  41. Faith Updegraff

    If I lacked fear, I would leave the comfortable part of my life for the long-term mission field! I know God uses us where we are, so not feeling stifled. But know there’s such potential if we were willing to give up comfort!

    Love the real love-driven life Bob leads. His way of following the Lord is such a testament to His faithfulness!!

  42. Fear is something I’ve been struggling with a lot lately. I think it comes from graduating college, getting five grad school rejection letters, and having no job for eight months.  Fear’s easy; trusting is hard.


  43. Mikemarylund

    We saw our Lord change a witch doctor in Uganda 5 years ago. It took three attempts over two years bye she is now a changed person. She loves the Lord and attends church regularly.

  44. Trust is hard. Hang in there.

  45. Great story! That is actually part if Oib’s story as well. He visited this witch doctor in prison after putting him there and the guy came to know Jesus. Amazing.

  46. I think more of us would do that if we weren’t afraid. So the question begs, why not just do it?

  47. I’ve only recently come across your blog because of the guest post you did on Goins’ blog. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far!  Thanks for the exposure to the Love Does book – as I said on my Facebook page, it sounds like an incredible book about our incredible God.

  48. Incredible is the right word, but even that is not enough to describe him. Thanks, Jodi.

  49. Jeremy, what an encouraging and exciting story.  I really enjoyed your telling of it, and from your post, most definitely want others to read this book, as well as myself. 

    So very often the church or people of faith are known for saying no, or don’t or moralising.  Attitudes that stink and the thing is people know they stink.

    This story is the opposite, and it shows what can happen when someone stops preaching, starts doing, and living.

     Jesus really does show up, when we move past the fear.  Thank you for sharing

  50. I agree. There is not enough doing. Doing is what matters. Thanks Nics.

  51. Faith Updegraff

    I agree with the question and the challenge – one of those things that trust and prayer play a huge role in. All in His timing too – I believe everything in my life and walk with Christ has been instrumental in preparing me for what He challenges me to do!
    Always helpful to have others challenge us when we begin to get too comfortable!

  52. Mark Dutton

    Jeremy, you are constantly sharing powerful stories! These are the real heroes of our world… the brave, courageous, and empowered by God to do His work. Thanks for this one, and I look forward to reading this book, whether you give it to me or I buy it! 

  53. What you are afraid of? Taxes? Failure? Not being comfortable? Critics? Witch doctors? Viruses? What people think of you? Death?

    Well, I can eliminate witch doctors, viruses, and death right off the bat. 🙂

    Being one with panic disorder, fear takes on a completely different perspective for me. Still, that’s just the “out of the blue” fight-or-flight response that my body kicks in even when there’s no outside stimulus.

    At one point of my life, I said:

    I am not afraid to die.I am afraid to liveI am afraid to fail in my God-ordained responsibilities.

    So you can list me for failure, discomfort, what people think of me, and a host of other things that I can’t do anything about, but am afraid that I should.

  54. You not only have to trust that God is working, but that He will work things out for His good & glory, even if it’s not what you want at the moment. That makes it even harder, I know.

  55. Great point, Joe. Many of us are afraid to live.

  56. Based on your description, any of us can be a true hero. We just have to choose to do the hard stuff. The stuff nobody else has the guts to do.

  57. Thanks to everyone who participated in this post. I will be notifying the 5 people who won by email. If you didn’t hear from you today, then assume you didn’t and just go buy the book. It is worth it.

  58. Tanya

    Thanks for sharing Bob’s story about Charlie.  What an amazing guy Bob Goff is!  I’m enjoying his book.   He’s the ‘real deal’.  Blessings to you as you minister to a hurting world.

  59. Tanya

    Loved his talk at Catalyst West!

  60. I love bob’s perspective on life. He gives me the freedom to break away from some of the “norms” that people expect out of me.

  61. Mike Zserdin

    Jeremy, thanks so much…I’m working through fear now to do that which I believe I’m called to do full-time. I’m in the process of a partnership buyout now…not easy, not exactly planned but, God is and God does according to His will.

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