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Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

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When taking risk, we need courage.

When stepping out into the unknown, when we decide to live life off the map and outside of the rules, we need guts.

But when we think of courage, we think of what lies outside of us. The danger lurking around the corner. The wolf in sheep’s clothing. The evil hiding in wait.

We imagine a knight, clothed in armor, armed with a sword, who has set out to slay a dragon. Clothed in armor. Armed with a sword. His jaw set with determination. Overcoming all obstacles to win the princess.

The greatest danger to our dreams, though, is not something out there. It lies within.

Photo by Nicolas Baltenneck (Creative Commons)

The truth is, we are only willing to risk as much as we are willing to lose. We can only put something on the table by letting go of it.

  • Are you afraid of losing your reputation?
  • Of losing your money?
  • Of losing your comfort?
  • Of losing out on the American dream?
  • Of losing your lifestyle?
  • Of losing your life?

If so, then the dragon you must slay is you. The hands that hold so tightly to what you hold most dear.

When you have nothing to lose, then and only then, do you have everything to gain.

How do you live life? As someone with everything to lose? Or in such a way as to gain everything?

Tell us what you are afraid of losing in the comments.

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11 Replies

  1. I think I’m afraid of losing comfort and the myth of “security”.  For years I’ve believed I am “secure” or “safe”. Now I realize those are just lies that actually hold me back and stop me from doing anything worth while. 

  2. Right now it’s the thought of losing our security and stepping into a bigger picture world. Jobs become a safety net and it’s so hard to look and see the possibilities out there, even when you know there are great things to be done.

    And yet these other possibilities can create more stability and security than I’m currently experiencing. I just nee to take the leap of faith.

  3. Awesome thoughts Jeremy. I thought I was really good at handling change (or at least a bit better). Until life began shaking around and everything that was loose came off. my attitudes, fears, view of God and life e.t.c. all tumbled out of my little closeted world.

    I think am at that place of embracing the awesomeness of God and His incredible plan for my life. Living a day at a time. And re-learning the greek-version of the word “Faith”. It’s true that  you can’t really know that all you need is God until all you have is God :). So am loving being changed and entering into a great new season of super abundant  living.

  4. I think you are right Ngina. Once we get to the place where all we want and all we need is God, then we experience the life we were made for.

  5. I have that same discussion with myself, Joe. Do I keep doing what I am, or do I venture out into something less certain?

  6. Nothing is safe, especially playing life safe.

  7. I’ve been thinking along this thread since I really began blogging late last year.  Up until then, I was always hesitant to share my art, worried what people may think or infer from it. 

    Then I was reminded to live boldly, to live victoriously, and as you say here, to live a better story.  I had not thought of the concept of how the world needs each of us to contribute our art… whatever that art may be.  More telling to me was how detrimental it would be if we didn’t “show up” authentically. 

    I also try to remember this: Run in such a way to win the prize – 1 Cor 9:24

  8. I use to think that the verse meant that you should win the prize, but I don’t think so now. I agree with how you are using it. We should just give it our all.

  9. It’s a hard choice to make. Especially with a family. But sometimes I think we just need to make the jump and go for it.

  10. I agree.  I think it’s about the wholehearted pursuit.  

    My younger, hyper-competitive self also thought it was all about winning.

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