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6 Insights to being Secretly Incredible

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Through the Secretly Incredible You contest, we have all been able to hear the stories of some amazing people doing incredible things.

But after 7 stories in, one question lingers. How do I become someone who is secretly incredible? What about me needs to change? How do I stand out from the crowd, in a secret sort of way?

Here are 6 recurring themes I see  in the lives of the winners.

1. See Life as Opportunities. The secretly incredible person sees life as an opportunity. An opportunity to minister. An opportunity to see the value in others. An opportunity to trust. Incredible stories come when we see through the negative that happens and find the benefit and the hope of even the bad.

photo by Jack Zalium (Creative Commons)

2. Be Weird. These incredible stories are all different. They are about people who have chosen to do something with their life that isn’t normal. They go to homeless shelters on dates. They live lives of service. They find value in people that society does not value. If your life is normal, then it probably isn’t incredible.

3. Live a Life of Faith. Every single person featured is motivated by faith. You don’t have to be a person of strong faith in order to live an incredible story, but all of the individuals in these stories find a motivation in trusting God and hoping for something better than what they see on this earth. There is nothing more crucial in living a better story than knowing Jesus.

4. Be Biased Towards Action. The stories are filled with the events of people who have chosen to do something. Instead of sitting on the sidelines with their shoulder pads and helmet on, they are participating in life. Yes they are taking some licks. But the blood, the mode, and the sweat all prove that they are in the game.

5. Make the Most of Today. Each of us have been given today. Tomorrow is behind us. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? But we all have today. In order to live an incredible story, we have to make the most of what we have right now. The best time to start? Now.

6. Be a Servant. The best stuff in life isn’t found by getting more and more stuff. The dream house, the luxury car, the vacation home, the jewelry, and the clothing that our culture tells us we need to be happy, won’t make us happy. The fastest route to an incredible and happy life is to do for others.

Is there a specific lesson you have learned from the Secretly Incredible You contest?

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10 Replies

  1. “they go to homeless shelters on dates” – now that is incredible!

    I have observed a common thread also – faith. Believing in God, living by His power, being changed by Him makes all the difference. 

  2. Mary Beth

    To be incredible is to be amazing

  3. It is. And it sounds like a great recipe for a good marriage.

  4. tammyhelfrich

    Great, actionable post. We often think there is a HUGE, secret formula to be incredible. But it often comes down to seeing the world differently and taking action. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Diane Rivers

    The incredible lives of all these people are no secret to God.  What better way to live than for the glory of an “audience of One”.  Thanks, Jeremy, for pointing us back to the importance of humility in living a meaningful life. 

  6. There’s lots of people out there that are incredible and we will never notice or realize it. You don’t have to be flashy and showy to be incredible. It’s all about your actions.

  7. Great post! I agree with all of these points.

  8. I love this idea. That being incredible isn’t about being flashy. It really goes against our natural way of thinking about life, but is very important.

  9. Be generous.
    Another inspiring post Jeremy, thank you.

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