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Start Where You Are

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I don’t know how.
I don’t know where to begin.
This is too hard for me.
I don’t have enough time/money/resources/talent.

One of the biggest reasons you haven’t started is that you don’t want to start where you are.

You want more knowledge. You want a clearer path. You want it to be easier. You want more money and time. You want to be someone different. You want to feel ready.

You look at those who are doing, and you tell yourself you are different. Of course they can do it, look at who they are. Look at who they know. Look at what they have.

And then you look at who you are. And you say it is impossible. Of course you haven’t started.

But where else can you start but where you are?

Starting at zero can be extremely difficult. But if zero is where you are at, then how will you ever get past zero unless you do start?

The key to doing something worthwhile isn’t starting at a good place. The key is starting.

Start regardless of what you don’t know.
Start regardless of what you don’t have.
Start regardless of how little progress you have already made.
Start regardless of how incapable you are.

And then the second key is to start again tomorrow regardless of what happens today.

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of starting where you are?

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    A lovely challenge.

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