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Two Things to Help with Your Dream

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From Jeremy: This is a guest post by Tessa Hardiman. She is a teacher by day and a word slinger by night. She just released an eBook combining her two passions of teaching and writing. You can get it here for $0.99. She would love to connect with you. Visit her website to find out more.

The other day, my class was preparing for a big math test. I reviewed the material with them until I was blue in the face. I felt confident that I had done my part, but I had to leave the rest up to them.

They were a little uneasy about the exam because it was a big chapter test. A lot of their grades depended on whether or not they passed.

To help ease their nervousness, I told them to remember two things: take your time and double check your work.

I said these things over and over to engrain the tips in their young minds. By the end of the class period, all I had to do was hold up two fingers, and they knew what I was referring to. (It’s kind of scary to think about the power of persuasion now that I write that!)

Obviously, these tips apply to multiplying fractions, but I also think they can apply to our lives as dreamers as well.

photo by Night Owl City (creative commons)

Take your time

When you’re dreaming big, you want to hurry up and hit the goal and make your mark. But, beauty can be found in the moments when you work.

Don’t try and rush through those moments when you are building your brand, platform, or identity. It’s during those times when you become amazing and awesome. It’s during those times that you become an unstoppable force. You get your swagger, so take your time and do it right.

As Earnest Hemingway said:

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

The most rewarding part of your dream will be the journey itself. (Feel free to tweet that.)

Don’t rush it along.

Double check your work

My students miss out on valuable points on their tests for one simple reason. They don’t check their work. And when they don’t check their work, they get questions wrong that they know how to do.

You don’t want to make any silly mistakes when you’re dreaming.

Don’t take out a million dollar loan to fund your book. Don’t quit your job when you have absolutely no backup plan whatsoever. Stupid mistakes will kill your dream every time.

Get someone to listen to your next big idea before you act on it. If they have some hesitation about it, then you might want to double-check it. By double checking (in this scenario, getting advice or counsel from someone), you avoid making costly errors.

I hope you find that by implementing these two tips in your life that you become more successful in a quicker amount of time than you had hoped.

As far as my previous example, they helped my students to slow down and be cognizant of the problems they were solving, and I believe they can help you with your dream, too.

Do you take your time and double check your work? What has helped you the most with your dream?

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18 Replies

  1. Great thoughts, Tessa! Thanks for sharing (although, I had a little test anxiety just reading about math…)

    And Jeremy, praying things are going well.

  2. I was always good at math, but also always careless. It’s amazing how much better I would do when I checked my work. Thanks for the reminder, Tessa.

  3. Same here! I am very good at math, but I have received some poor grades before…all because I didn’t check my work.

    I always check my work 3x now! haha

  4. Sabine

    Thank you for reminding that simple principles are powerful…

  5. Mike Zserdin

    I think you summed this up: brands are discovered as much or more than they’re designed.

    I like this part a lot.

    “Don’t try and rush through those moments when you are building your
    brand, platform, or identity. It’s during those times when you become
    amazing and awesome. It’s during those times that you become an
    unstoppable force. You get your swagger, so take your time and do it

    Thank you.


  6. Totally agree Mike…thanks for the kind words.

  7. Happy to help Sabine.

  8. That’s exactly what my students have difficulty understanding…they understand the concept, but they get points taken off for not double checking.

  9. Haha…I know what you mean Brandon!

  10. Sorry for causing you anxiety Katie, haha!

  11. The worst was Calculus! haha

  12. Joelle

    Math. Eek, not my strong point, but I never gave up on it. A great reminder to check your work. Sometimes we rush through life and even try to rush through our dreams. What happened to living in the moment and enjoying the journey? Glad it’s making a comeback.

  13. Those are 2 great points. I needed to hear that tonight too. Thank you.

  14. So true Joelle…I have to remind myself not to rush through my dream constantly.

  15. Thanks Eileen…have a wonderful Friday!

  16. What a great post Tessa. I too agree that the most rewarding part of your dream is the journey itself. Way to push forward and pursue your dreams Tessa!

  17. Tessa as a former math teacher … this brought back fond memories! Thanks for the walk down memory lane 🙂

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