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God’s Plan is Usually the Weird One

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From Jeremy: This is a guest post by Jared Latigo, a husband, father and Christ-follower. He believes that we were all put here for one incredible reason and that each of our lives affect each other’s in ways we can’t even fathom. You can check out his blog at or follow him on Twitter.

Tell me I’m wrong.

How many times has God’s plan been the obvious one? How many times has it been the one that seemed to have the best starting place?

I’d venture to say, almost never. God’s plans are often the ones that make the least sense to us.

photo by Salim Al-Harthy (creative commons)

Lessons From A Movie

I recently watched a movie called Bee Season. Honestly, the movie was rather weird. Okay, really weird. But I got one very important message from it.

Whether I was supposed to get this message or not, I did. But I think the writers had something similar to this in mind.

The movie is set around a spelling bee and how a girl goes from school champ to nationals. I won’t give the end of the movie away but I will say that you have to watch the entire thing. The last 5 minutes pulls it all together.

She continuously has to make choices throughout the process. These choices impact her entire family.

In the end, she makes a choice that seems to be the wrong one. In fact, anyone in her situation would have likely made a different one … but we all know that what is right in human eyes is rarely right in God’s eyes.

3 Things We All Need

1. Humility – This choice she makes requires an incredible amount of humility and submission to God’s will. It doesn’t seem right, as I mentioned above, but the events after the choice show that it clearly is.

2. Submission – We oftentimes forget that we need to submit fully to God’s will. I, personally, forget this everyday. It’s hard to stay focused and stay on track with all the distractions in the world, but we are commanded to do so.

3. Connection – Since the man in the movie is Jewish, he believes it’s not common for people to talk with God and Him actually listen. I believe it’s possible for anyone and that we need to talk with Him daily. We must connect to be able to understand God’s will for our lives if we’re going to follow His plan.

One Place I’ve Used These

Three years ago I set out to build a web design agency where I could help businesses get a better online presence. And three years later I’m still about where I started. Not for lack of effort but I’m just questioning whether it’s in the plans for me or not.

Sometimes the things we set out to do work out, sometimes not. But I’ve learned a lot in the process about how to trust and when it’s time to try something new. So that’s what has brought me here today, writing.

I’ve got a message to share and it’s taken some humility to step back and say, “It’s time to change something.” It’s taken submission to realize I don’t have all the answers or the best ones. And it’s taken connection to recognize when and what is being spoken into my heart.

All these things must work in tandem in each of our lives or we will never be able to flex and flow with the plans we’re to follow.

But take note, I don’t have it all figured out. I’m just beginning this journey and the further I get, the farther I realize there is to go.

The Ultimate Weird Choice

I’m not sure why God’s plan is usually clouded. You would think that with all the light that comes from Him, it would be clear which way we are to go.

That simply is not the case.

But we have to understand that we usually will not see the whole picture. It’s important for us to look, but we can’t get discouraged when the entire path isn’t laid out before us.

The one thing we can be sure of is that God’s plan is the most fulfilling one.

Have you ever found God’s plan to be the one that made the least sense to you?

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23 Replies

  1. Why He works this way, we may never know. But I’ve found that trusting His providence is more than enough for me (even when I struggle to believe or demonstrate it). God’s plan can definitely be weird but He’s, well… GOD!
    Thanks Jared for this post!

  2. Great thoughts. I would have to agree. God’s plan rarely makes sense when I look at it with my limited human perspective. I love your 3 points. Humility is definitely the first and most important key.

  3. I agree too, but still struggle with not expecting it to be more normal. Have you been able to change your perspective?

  4. Trust is really, really hard. Do you ever struggle with that Joseph?

  5. Katharine

    I find it all the time. I teach it, in fact. There is a saying:
    If you want to get close to God, go lower.
    If you want to get even closer, go even lower.
    If you want to get closer, still, go lower, still.
    We see this every day (well, often, anyway) in folks like Elisabeth Elliott, but we little realize most of those who are obeying the Scripture to humble self under the mighty hand of God are not visible. As John the Baptizer said: He must increase and I must decrease.
    So, they only honest way to become a published author is to wait for God to do it? 😉

  6. Oh yeah!!! I’m a bundle of imperfection, looking up to a perfect God for daily grace to trust Him. It’s hard. But the only option!

  7. Did you guys read my journal yesterday? I guess asking God for a peek at His plan for me won’t help. I find that hope is the one thing that I am struggling with. When I can’t see the next step or plans seem stalled, I become resigned. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12. I don’t expect to see the whole plan, just enough to keep the hope alive.

  8. I hear ya…sometimes not seeing the next step is very frustrating. Thanks for reading!

  9. Wait? I would say not. I’m not saying you are but I’ve found that people act like waiting on Him to do everything means that we do nothing. That’s a bad idea. We have to do our part before he can steer us. We have to be driving somewhere or turning the wheels does nothing but wear down the tires. Make sense?

  10. Absolutely is. I feel I need to re-learn it everyday. 😉

  11. I like the connection part. Doing this about of a relationship with Him will always look different. God’s insight always has the best perspective and it looks so different than ours.

    Good stuff.

  12. jsbnew

    Jered, that’s an interesting perspective on something everyone is trying to figure out. The conclusion I’ve come to is that God’s movements in our lives are based on His divine logic, and it will take us years to attain to it. Ours doesn’t work, as we so often discover. We have to start with the premise that He can do all things, and we can’t do anything without Him. Then, go from there!

  13. i find that even when i think His plan ‘makes sense’ (ah finally something i can figure out/handle!), there’s always a curve and angle that i don’t get. Keeps me humble, pliable, learning, dependent, submitted, needy..all the things that tend to escape my mind sometimes. His plan is a savior for this soul of mine 🙂

  14. Very true indeed. Thanks fo reading!

  15. True that. Man, it is ever so different 😀

  16. I don’t think I would say our logic doesn’t work, just that it is limited.

  17. I think it’s not so much the outcome of the plan that does us good, but the process of discovering it. The work. The journey. The trust.

  18. Many, many, many times we think that the purpose of a journey is the destination, the goal, the end-point.

    Don’t tell that to Moses, though, during his 40 year journey wandering around in the desert.

    Back in 1993, about 2 months after my father died, I was laid off from my all-time favorite job (well, at least so far). I was one of 10 employees, out of 30-something total, who got the axe. I was also the only one who wasn’t unhappy about it. Like you, Jared, I sensed God wanted me to start my own business, developing software for the commercial market. I had a sizable chunk of change in the bank, partly inherited from my Pop, partly what I had saved up over the years.

    Three years later, I was working in a pawn shop just to make ends be on the same continent. One of the products I had thought up was run over by the underlying technology being removed from the OS. Another was scuttled by a company with resources (including more than one guy working on it) coming out with a better product long before I was even close to release.

    So why did God have me do that? The reasons I’ve identified so far including meeting my wife, being a witness to the president of the company that laid me off (he is now a believer), helping out an old friend while I was in the pawn shop, and an unborn child’s life being rescued from possible abortion … although that was more a result of meeting my wife.

    We still haven’t recovered financially, and I suspect Dave Ramsey would do his best “drill sergeant” routine on us if we let him. Maybe that’s still part of the journey.

    What I do know is this: God just told me to start a business. He didn’t say I had to “succeed” at it.

  19. Thanks for sharing your story Joe. I always appreciate anyone who’s been in front of me and can spread some words of wisdom. That’s a great motto to remember and definitely one I have to be aware of.

    We still have a long ways to go in the financial aspect of my business, but we have been blessed even in the hardest times. It’s those times that cause us to grow the most and closer to the path God’s laid before us. Thanks again for sharing!

  20. Roms

    Since we humans have manufactured our own definition of happiness and seek that definition in everything we do or achieve, we tend to totally overlook that there is a true sense of worth and purpose if we submit ourselves to his will and design.

    I have had a very tough life till now with a new mis-hap or trauma waiting for me every 2-3 years. I was a complete non-believer. But now I am beginning to realize that the reason it all happened was that I got so crushed with the burden of my misfortunes that

    1. I wanted to submit to his will and purpose

    2. I wanted to repent for my sins

    3.. I wanted to forgive all those who hurt me

    I have done all the 3 above and trust me, it feels unbelievable.

    Not that I dont get hurt anymore, but now I know that God would give me strength to go through the pain. But I know that my transformation was part of his plans. What lies ahead , I dont know but I am sure God will do the best thing…

  21. Roms

    Well said Jeremy! The process is really overwhelming!

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