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3 Habits of World Changers

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From Jeremy: This is a guest post by Jodi Schumm. Jodi writes articles for numerous publications on how our relationship with God can strengthen and direct our daily lives. You can visit her blog at

Sometimes articles we read, sermons we hear, or songs we listen to echo in our minds for days. “Find ways to change the world from where you are” ricocheted in my mind after I’d read the story behind the making of recent movies.

While sitting in a church in Albany, Georgia, Stephen and Alex Kendrick heard their pastor’s challenge: “Find ways to change the world from Albany.” Prompted to use their talents, they produced and directed several faith-based films such as Fireproof and Courageous.

When I hear stories like the Kendricks’, they sting. I also want to make a difference in our world. Yet I feel powerless to do so when I can’t get my boys to quit fighting or find the time to fix healthier meals.

The rally cry for the Kendricks becomes a nagging desire for me. The sting begins to itch like a mosquito bite begging to be scratched. I wonder, “How can I change the world when I can’t even change my family?”

People, like the Kendricks, who have a wide influence, are as ordinary as you and me. They undoubtedly struggle with the desire for more time in their day and more cooperation from their family.

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However, their actions make a difference because of three habits that open them up to becoming influential:

1. Focus on a need

Our God-given desire to make a difference will be fulfilled through our personal passion. The Kendricks are passionate about making films. You may be compelled to write, hike, or teach exercise classes. Once you identify your passion, you’ll begin to notice others with a similar interest.

A shared passion allows us to relate to others, and opportunities emerge for us to encourage them in ways we may not realize.

2. Value Your Audience

Never underestimate the size of your audience. Your influence in numbers doesn’t have to be large to be significant. The people you’ll have the greatest impact on are the ones surrounding you. Treasure the world you’re in – whether you’re raising a colicky three-month-old, caring for an aging parent, or helping a grouchy neighbor.

As we strive to make a difference within our world, God expands our circle to include others who can be impacted through us.

3. Use Your Skills Now

Our skills and passions can help those around us. Don’t wait to have a more flexible schedule, a more prestigious title, or more advanced experience. Identify your current strengthens and current opportunities. You may only have one afternoon a month to help at the local pregnancy life center, or only an hour a week to mentor a teen, or only 20 minutes a day to write short stories.

A commitment to the opportunities we’re given will blossom into impacting others.

Perhaps there’s been a desire echoing in your heart or a challenge ringing in your mind. Your desire to make a difference in the lives of others isn’t a feeling to shake off – it’s a calling to answer.

Which step do you need to take to change your world?

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13 Replies

  1. Jodi, that picture of the man mountain climbing is awesome. Makes me long to be climbing again.

    I should be using more of my skills to change the world. Yet I hold back feeling inadequate for the tasks ahead.

  2. Joe, you may not feel prepared for the tasks ahead, yet I’d encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities you have. You’ll be surprised at how God uses you when you’re faithful with what you’ve been given.

  3. We are all inadequate, Joe. Otherwise there would be a long line of people wanting to do the work. That’s why we need you to do that kind of work, because who else wil?

  4. Love this, Jodi. It is something that I keep talking about with others as well. Make an impact right where you are. We can do it! We just have to take steps forward. Great post!

  5. If you’re talking about that with others, that’s a clear sign that you’re making a difference 🙂

  6. I agree, Tammy. We are surrounded by opportunity.

  7. Thank you for this article. Deep down, everyone wants to make a difference. We just think we have to do something big. Truth is, we just have to do SOMETHING. Reminds me of the Legend of the Starfish:

  8. Great piece, Jodi. My kids are in college, but I consider them to be my greatest investment. Moms can get down on themselves, but our greatest mission field is under our own roofs.

  9. You’re right – the opportunities God gives us the most relate to our own families.

  10. We do tend to think that the significance of our influence is based on “volume” as it were. Thanks for sharing the legend – it’s a powerful reminder of the significance that we can make for just one.

  11. Karen

    Thanks for this article. It is fantastic. I need to read it again (and again) and I hope by God’s grace that I can make a difference in this world for Him. Bless you.

  12. Jodi

    We can all make a difference as we depend on God’s grace.

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