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5 Reasons Generosity is Worth Every Penny

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When writing our story we often ask what we are going to do.

What risk will we take? Where will we go? How will we get there?

But there is another important question you shouldn’t leave out.

How much of your life will you give away? How generous will you be?

I recommend many books. They are all ones that I have read and benefitted from. The Generosity Manifesto is one such book.

I frequently give away a few copies of the book as well. Today I am offering a free copy to everyone. Actually, the author, Mike Zserdin, is doing that. He has made his short eBook free for everyone. After all, it is about generosity.

In The Generosity Manifesto, Zserdin’s goal is simple. Convince you to give more. 

Click to download "The Generosity Manifesto"

Although generosity can include almost anything that someone else needs, Zserdin is specifically suggesting that you give more of your money away.

5 Reasons You Should be More Generous.

1. Generosity will make you happier. This isn’t just a cool idea. It’s science. This article discusses the “helper’s high.” The more you give, the happier you become. It’s simple. Even exponential. Be careful, though, this “high” might be more addictive than crack.

2. Generosity transforms lives. Recipients. Communities. Givers. People are changed. For the good.

3. Generosity shares the love. There are 2 different ways to influence people. To love them or to hurt them. Generosity is one easy step towards the better of the two.

4. Generosity breeds generosity. When you give, others will notice and be inspired to give more. Those who receive, will turn around give in turn. It can quickly become a chain reaction of giving energy. A nuclear explosion of generosity. And it all starts with you.

5. Generosity will make you bolder. How about $3 billion bold. This is Zserdin’s hope. That all of us will band together to give that much money away.

It seems an impossible number. Consider that we as a country spent $78 billion on soda in 2008. If we all just bought 4% less soda, we could do it. $3 billion to people who need it. This is a bold suggestion.

Where do you start?

First download The Generosity Manifesto.

Be inspired.

If it moves you then considering voting for it at, a website devoted to spreading great ideas.

Find a way to give more. Pick out a cause that you love. Something that is important in this world.

It can be in your community. It can be giving to a friend in need. It can be giving to your local church. It can be to a nationally recognized charitable group.

Then be generous.

Opportunities to Give

If you are having trouble finding a place to start, here are a few examples of causes I either give to or have been involved in.

Has generosity made your story better? Tell us about the causes you give to in the comments.

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18 Replies

  1. dekem

    is anyone else having problems downloading the generosity manifesto – whenever I try I get redirected to google search

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. I rechecked the links and they seem to be okay.

    They should take you to

  3. dekem

    thanks for prompt reply – still not  working – shall see if my computer buffs can help, maybe something up with my settings.

  4. TylerHess

    Awesome…Gonna download right now…my reading list is quickly getting longer but thats a good thing 🙂

  5. This one won’t take very long. ; )

  6. Sounds great. Will be checking out the book shortly. Thanks for recommending it.

  7. Generosity has made my story worse… in a better way. I’m to that point in life where I’m trying to find the separation between “need” and “want.” Every time I buy a new pair of shoes (apparently you’re not supposed to wear the same pair every day), I wonder if I really need them. I think about the children wordwide who need A pair of shoes not just another pair… Where’s the line? Anything justifiable but what is truly necessary


  8. Mike Zserdin

    Good questions Katie. These are the same questions me and my family are asking…I’ll share my experience and ideas in posts to come.


  9. Mike Zserdin

    Thanks Joe! Let me know your thoughts.

  10. Mike Zserdin

    Thanks for checking it out. If you’re still having trouble, let me know and I’ll email you a copy.


  11. Kurt Swann

    The causes I give to?  I support some kids in Central and South America through Children International. I also like to be more directly involved so I’m also a mentor to an 8th grader at a parochial school that serves a disadvantaged community.  Not a huge time commitment but it’s a good to do something more than providing financial support.   

  12. dekem

    Thanks, Mike. I’ve now subscribed on your site.  (To save confusion, I’m logged in there with my wordpress ac. …. Sandra

  13. Great point about time commitment. You can do great things without having to hand over the rest of your life.

  14. You can buy more TOMS!

  15. Looking forward to reading this book. Thank you for sharing. 

  16. Mike Zserdin

     Thanks Dan. I’d appreciate your thoughts and feedback when you can.


  17.  If it means anything, I hereby give you permission to wear the same pair of shoes every day. First of all, I need more company in doing so. Second, I think, when paired with generosity, it sets a good example of valuing what’s important.

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