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Why Not Me?

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Several months ago I told you about the Generosity Manifesto. The eBook is part story and part game changer.

Now is the time to put the words into practice.

The author of the book, Mike Zserdin, wants you to experience the joy of being generous. He and his friends have have developed a means to make it easier for you to share with others, both your money and your passion. They start by asking you to ask a question of yourself.

Why Not Me?

Why It Hasn’t Been You

There is only one reason you haven’t made a difference in the world. You haven’t decided to.

For most of us, it isn’t that we don’t want to make a difference, we just haven’t take that extra step needed to make a difference. This not-taking-the-step just happens. It isn’t intentional. We are all busy. And sometimes we don’t know where to get started.

Maybe we dream of big things and ignore the importance of small things. Maybe we plan on doing something about the problems we see, but never seem to get around to it. Maybe we want to be generous but we don’t know where to give.

Today, you can take that first step.

How It Can Be You asks this question of you because they believe it can be you. And they believe it can be you for only $10/month.

Why ask people to give such a small amount of money?

  • One, even such a small amount matters. Don’t forget the Importance of Small Things.
  • Second, they want you to kickstart your own generosity because they believe you will love it.
  • And third, they believe that when you are generous and loving it, you will invite others to be generous.

It isn’t about the amount of money. It is about being generous. It is about doing something good for others. It is about giving what we have to those who need.

Generosity, like the flu, is contagious. We want you to get it. We want your symptoms to be severe. And we want you sneezing all over everyone you know.

You’re Invited to Join Me

I’m in.

And I’m asking you to consider joining me in giving a new gift to something you believe in? By giving together, we can make things better.

Go to and sign up. Mention that I invited you. Search for the organization of your choice. Invite your friends to join as well. And you’re done.

The $10 per month doesn’t go to, it goes to the group you choose. When you sign up have an organization in mind that you want to give to. Type in that group’s name and takes care of the rest.

I chose Half the Sky Foundation. They are an organization that helps children in orphanages in China get the love and attention they need. My four year old adopted daughter was a recipient of their work and what they do matters to me.

They gave to my little girl and now I’m giving back so somebody else’s little girl can benefit.

I’m not asking you to give to my thing. Choose something that matters to you. However, If you need suggestions, here are a few organizations I have given money to in the past and I believe in their work.

  • Restore International – Bob Goff’s organization to aid Uganda (search for “Restore International” in the state of WA)
  • Charity : Water – An incredible group seeking to get clean water to everyone on the planet. Everyone. And all of the donations go towards that effort. 100%. (Search for “Charity Global, Inc.” and search in NY)
  • Half the Sky Foundation – As previously mentioned, they have a special place in my heart. (search for “half the sky foundation” in CA)
  • Blood Water Mission – Give clean water and HIV treatment to those in Africa. (search for “blood water mission” in TN)
  • Amazima – The small group helping kids in Uganda run by Katie Davis. (search for “amazima” in TN)
  • International Justice Mission – Fight human trafficking in Southeast Asia. (search for “international justice mission” in D.C.)

Have you ever asked yourself “Why not me?”

You can leave a comment by clicking here.

(More important than commenting, though, is giving. If you only click one link today, go check out

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7 Replies

  1. Donna

    I have been thinking along those same lines, that sometimes people don’t give because 1) they don’t think they can give enough to matter and 2) they don’t know where to start.

    Both of these bother me because “whynotme” is so right that if everyone just gave $10, wow what a difference that would make, and you can really start anywhere. I don’t know of too many organizations that would turn down even $10. :)

    I was inspired by Lent to set up “FortyDays” ( to give people a challenge and a place to start. The response hasn’t been overwhelming, but you know what? That’s okay, things are getting done that would not have been accomplished if a few people had not stepped up and done something. Kids are being blessed, and I bet the people who are giving are, too. That’s just how it works.

  2. I agree Donna. It does matter. Thank you for doing this.

  3. So cool Jeremy! My wife and I have done something similar in helping out entrepreneurs in developing countries. We’d either loan them money and get repayments only to reinvest in another businessperson or it would be a flat out donation to help them get livestock or some other essential item. A small amount truly can make a difference.

  4. That’s awesome, Joe. Thanks for making a difference.

  5. Mike Zserdin

    Thanks for sharing Jeremy and Joe. When we give intentionally the smallest amount makes a difference. When we give together we can give big. I’m thankful for your hearts.

  6. Mike Zserdin

    Donna, you’re right, the hardest part about making a difference is just getting started. I appreciate your work and respect the ideas FortyDays.

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